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In general the officials will use the United States Volleyball Association rules with coed stipulations. 


Morning Startup

  • All teams must arrive at 8 am for check in and warm ups. First games will start at 8:30 am.

  • Please make sure to bring all belongings upstairs to the overhangs, to keep the gym clear for playing

  • Each team will be responsible for bringing one (1) game ball to the tournament- both teams and officials must agree on game ball before the match begins. 

Roster Rules

  • The Official Roster for each team must be submitted before the start of the team’s first game. Each team is allowed twelve (12) members on the Official Roster.

  • Eligible players must be homeschooled or cyber-charter schooled for the same academic year in which the tournament is held. 

  • A player cannot appear on two different rosters with the exception that a player can appear on both a junior and senior team roster. If an injury or other extenuating circumstance happens to a member of a team causes the number of players on that team to fall below the minimum (i.e. 6 players including 1 girl & 1 boy), a player may be moved from another team’s roster onto that team’s roster if agreed to by the Tournament Director. A player moved in this fashion should, preferably, be a non-starting player on his or her team. 

Rule Disputes

  • Once the tournament begins, any questions regarding tournament rules, scoring or interpretation will be referred to the head official and tournament director immediately for resolution. 

Working Teams

  • Working teams shall provide two (2) line judges, (1) one scorekeeper, and (1) one score flipper when they are scheduled to work. Coach must be at the table to assist with their working team. 

Prior to Match

  • All matches will begin five minutes following the previous match.

  • Teams are allowed a five-minute grace period in the event they do not have enough players to begin the match. After that time, the match will be declared a forfeit. 

  • Teams must have five players to begin a match, one of which must be female

  • Ground Rules will be distributed and explained before a team’s first game. 

  • One (1) coach from each team must be present during referee’s instructions to captains the first match of the day only.

  • Players may open hand receive if they choose.

  • No player may wear jewelry while he or she is playing. 

Post Match

  • One representative from each team (coach or manager) will report the number of games won by each team at the conclusion of the match to the front desk. 

  • Teams will line up along the back line after the match and stay until summoned to shake hands by the referee. 

  • Referee must sign score sheet verifying correct results. 

Gender Rules

  • Each team (both Junior & Senior Divisions) must have a minimum of 1 female on the court at all times. A female player must touch the ball each time the ball is attacked before going over the net. 

Age Rules

  • In order to participate on a Senior team, a player must be 18 years of age or younger as of September 1 of the school year of the tournament. In order to participate on a Junior team a player must be 15 years of age or younger as of September 1 of the academic year in which the tournament is held. All participants must be currently enrolled in a homeschool or cyber-charter school. 

  • Senior Divisions- Substitutions can be made at any time. Once a player has played in a particular position of the rotation during a game, he can only be substituted into that position in the rotation. 

  • Junior Divisions- If both teams and officials agree before the start of a match, substitutes can enter freely into any position in the rotation. If teams and officials do not agree Senior rules will apply.

Play Rules

  • A female player must touch the ball each time the ball is attacked before going over the net. 

  • A serve that strikes the net and continues into the receiving team’s court (let serve) will be considered in play. 

Scoring and Standings

  • Pool Play matches will consist of 2 games. Two games to 25 rally scoring starting at 0 points with a 27-point cap. 

  • All Championship Matches will consist of three games. Two games to 25, third game to fifteen, each team starts with 0 points. Must win all games by two, no cap. 

  • All standings will be decided by the number of games won/lost (each team will play two games in a match against each team. If a team wins both games they get two points, if they split, each team gets one point).

If standings are tied after pool play; we will first go to head to head, point differential head to head, total point differential. 

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